On the afternoon of March 25, Chinese Athletic Association (abbreviated as “CAA”) and Mondo Flooring (China) Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Mondo”) signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the Athletics Administrative Center of the General Administration of Sport of China and formally reached a strategic partnership. In the future, both sides will make full use of their respective advantages and strengthen resource sharing so as to enable the athletes of China’s national track and field team to quickly adapt to the competition rhythm and to help to improve the competitiveness of Chinese athletics.
Yu Hongchen, director of the Athletics Administrative Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, the secretary Wang Nan, the deputy director Tian Xiaojun, and Shui Tao, minister of the Department of Social Activities and the vice-minister Gao Shan, Maurizio Stroppiana, sales director of Mondo global sports floors, Vallauri Andrea, Mondo international event manager, Claudio, deputy general manager of Mondo Flooring (China) Co., Ltd., Fausto Barbera, sales director of Mondo Sports (Asia), Sun Xuefeng, sales director of Mondo Sports (mainland China), and other relevant personnel attended the signing ceremony.
MONDO (Italy) was founded in 1948 and continuously innovated over the past 70 years with an annual investment of 6% of sales as the research and development funds, and has currently developed into a large group with 5 production bases, and its products are sold to 196 countries and regions. Mondo has been designated as the official supplier of 11 consecutive Olympic Games (from 1976 to 2016), more than 265 world records have been set on Mondo’s tracks, and Mondo’s products focus on providing all-round solutions for sports venues at home and abroad.
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In this cooperation, CAA hopes that Mondo’s professional sports products can further improve the guaranteed service level of the athletes of the Chinese national track and field team, so that they can adapt to the competition venues of Olympic Games in advance without going abroad, thus enhancing their athletic performance and improving their competitiveness.
During the cooperation period, Mondo will provide supports in the track construction and renovation of seven training bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Dalian and Rizhao, and give supports for the development of Chinese athletics with the most excellent product quality and the most meticulous service guarantee. CAA also hopes that both sides will, on the basis of making full use of their respective resources, continuously enhance the market development space, maintain a high degree of trust between strategic partners, and jointly explore and gradually realize the benign interaction of track and field events in mass sports, competitive sports, sports industry and other aspects.
Yu Hongchen, director of the Athletics Administrative Center of the General Administration of Sport of China and secretary general of Chinese Athletic Association, stated in the signing ceremony that this strategic cooperation was the guiding ideology for both sides to earnestly implement and continuously deepen the innovation and development of sports reform, innovation and development, the sports activities having been solely conducted by the government would tend towards being conducted by mobilizing the power of the whole society, which would add a new power for the construction of a powerful sports country. The cooperation between both sides is also an important measure to implement the need for the General Administration of Sport of China to persist in “opening up” to sports reform and to maximize social motivation and vitality, and the cooperation aims to encourage and support the entry of social capitals into the sports industry through various means, to mobilize the resources of both sides to contribute to the construction of a powerful sports country and the realization of the health of the whole people, so as to enable the athletics, as an important part of the construction of a powerful sports country, to move steadily forward in the new era.