Environment & Safety

A natural choice

Mondo flooring respects the environment, during each stage of its lifecycle, from production to installation, use and disposal. Environmentally friendly material Mondo products are made using natural and synthetic raw materials which are not considered hazardous according to the most stringent national and international standards. We source raw materials with the utmost attention and continually test them, at our production sites too. Additional safety testing is carried out at independent certified laboratories that assess our products for conformity to environmental protection regulations.


To honor our commitment, we carefully monitor each stage of the production cycle, to minimize waste and eliminate any potentially hazardous substances. Even our most technologically advanced surfaces are free of plasticizers, heavy metals, asbestos, chlorine and halogen. This focus during production makes our products 100% recyclable up to the end of their lifecycle.

PVC flooring

➢Fire classification

GB8624-2012: B1

EN 13501-1: Bfl-S1 and Cfl-S1

➢Slip resistance

DIN51130: R9. Guarantee the safety of user.

➢Improvement in footfall sound absorption

Reduce the sound of traffic effectively (up to min.4dB-max.10dB). It can be act as an acoustical structural board (ISO 10140-3).

➢Electrical propensity: complies to EN1815

➢Good chemical resistance to physiological liquids and hospital reagents: chemical substances, acid solution, acid solution, greases and sanitizer.

➢Comparing with ceramic Mondo PVC flooring has better thermal conductivity (EN12667).

➢Designed for high traffic area:

Wear resistance: meets EN649 T group and P Group

EN685 classification: up to 43

➢Non porous surface (EN423) guarantees the flooring clean.

➢TD-Plus or PUR treatment during production make it easier to clean and durability.

➢Low emission of VOC and TVOC (GB18586-2001)

➢Anti-bacterial treatment inhibits the propagation and growth of bacteria and fungi effectively (QB/T2591)

Rubber flooring

➢Fire classification

GB 8624-2012: B1

EN13501-1: Bfl-S1

➢Gas burning toxicity

In case of fire, the fumes released do not contain any corrosive gases and meet Germany standard DIN 53436.

➢Comfort underfoot

The anti-fatigue properties of rubber flooring are due to the unique elasticity of rubber: rubber provides excellent cushioned comfort underfoot.

➢Effective noise barrier

Compared with other flooring products, Mondo rubber flooring efficiently reduces the sound of foot traffic (ISO10140-3 min.8dB-max.20dB). Mondo flooring can also provide acoustic insulation in the work place (Punti, 20dB)

➢Mondo rubber flooring has the excellent electrostatic propensity (≤2kV, EN 1815), which can avoid the electrostatic during the contact of flooring and metals.

➢Wear resistance

ISO 4649: 3

EN 685 classification: up to 43. Suitable for high traffic area.

➢Resistance to cigarette burns

Resistant to cigarette burns leaving no permanent marks in accordance with the EN1399 standard.

➢Chemical resistance

Mondo floorings have a good chemical resistance to physiological liquids and hospital reagents.



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