PVC Flooring



Pixel is homogeneous non-directional PVC flooring, newly updated to T group wear resistance.
Pixel is available in 22 different colours, ideal for various types of interior environment.
A resilient, flexible uniform vinyl flooring, calendered process and formed of a single homogenous layer with multicoloured granules.
The special protective polyurethane (PUR) treatment will protect the surface right from installation, facilitating cleaning and dirt removal.
This will help save the cost on manual and chemical maintenance, as well as sanitising products.
The joints can be heat sealed with a specific edging in the same tone as the base, or in a contrasting colour.
Adhesive installation on suitable subfloor.
Flooring complies with EN 649 standard.


• Newly updated flooring with more harmonious colors
• Wide colors, thicknesses and patterns range, suitable for all kind of environment, both private and public


• PUR special maintenance treatment and easy maintenance
• T group wear resistance fulfills the requirements for high traffic area
• High dimensional stability
• Good flexibility


• Outstanding performance of resistance to chemical erosion and scratch
• Anti-bacterial treatment inhibits the propagation and growth of bacterium and fungi effectively
• Low emission of VOC
• Anti-slip characteristic
• Water proof