PVC Flooring

Silk & Fluo


Silk & Fluo is a resilient, flexible mixed heterogeneous PVC wall covering made from top quality vinyl resins with double fibreglass reinforcement. It has the outstanding performance of consistency.
The surface is smooth, non-porous and anti-bacterial to ensure maximum hygiene and ease of maintenance.
The special protective polyurethane treatment will protect the surface right from installation, facilitating cleaning and dirt removal.
This will increase the amount saved on manual and mechanical maintenance, as well as sanitising products.
The joints can be heat sealed with a specific edging in the same tone as the base, or in a contrasting colour.
Adhesive installation on suitable subfloor.
Flooring complies with EN 653 standard.


(中文) • 全新升级地板系列,色彩更加协调、丰富
• 不同的颜色,厚度可选方案适合各种使用环境,包括商用和家用环境


• Special maintenance treatment and save the maintenance cost
• High dimensional stability
• Good flexibility


• Good chemical resistance to physiological liquids and hospital reagents
• Non porous surface provides excellent waterproofing
• Characteristic of inhibiting the propagation and growth of bacterium and fungi



Suzhou south kindergarten
Luohe Hospital
Chengdu 363 hospital
Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University